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Ramin Khatami

About Ramin Khatami

Ramin Khatami is an Engineer, Programmer, It specialist mostly involved in areas these days called Data Science/Machine Learning field. He is currently serving as a research advisor at SELC Group working on governmental and non-governmental research projects. Prior to joining SELC Group, he previously worked as part-time IT Specialist, Developer, Instructor, Intern and research intern in variety of companies all around Japan in various sectors. He is currently doing his Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo. His research area is related to utilization of algorithmic approach to model factors contributing to a commercial project success. He holds B.S. in Electrical Engineering and and Master in Electronic Information and Mathematics Engineering. Previously, He was utilizing his in-depth knowledge of algorithms in circuit design and has publication more than 30 papers in that area. He truly is hands on code data analyst with expertise in multiple programing language and solid background in mathematics and statistics. Ramin on personal level enjoys discovering new things by traveling and is a listener always awaiting to hear unimaginable surprising stories from people around him. Check out Ramin Skills

Summary of Qualifications

  • Ph.D. candidate in Interdisciplinary Engineering, strong communication skills in interaction with people from various technical backgrounds.
  • Great adaptability and flexibility in a cross-cultural and fast-paced working environment with well-developed teamwork skills and presentation skills gained through projects in industry and research at university.
  • Passionate self-learner with good knowledge of math, statistical inference, information retrieval and Language Processing.
  • Hands on Code with competent R, Python language skills and strong algorithms knowledge with special expertise in their usage in data modeling, machine learning, data analysis and text mining.

1, Apr 2015

Started Ph.D.

The University of Tokyo

Researching pon Predictive modeling of crowdfunding campaigns

31, March 2015

Obtained M.S. in electronic Information and Mathematics Engineering

Gunma University

Wrote dissertation on a novel algorithmic approach for reduction of noise in Clock Circuits

March 2013

Received B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Gunma University

Studied electromagnetic noise and suggested a possible algorithmic solution for its reduction in specific bands.

Selc Group

Currently Working, Research Advisor

Analyse Customer's data for categorization, anamoly detection and do ordered research projects in field of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, IoT

Global Communications

Developer (Originally), IT Specialist(Current)

developing companies main Applications using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular and API's. designed and developed companies REST-full API.

MC Data Plus former Mitsubishi Corporation internal

2007-3month, Research Intern

Designing a classification algorithm for modeling frauds in general contractors multi-layer contracting system.

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Machine Learning

Text Analysis

MVP Coding

Parameter Tuning

Model Developement

Bussiness Inteligence

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